Who is Sue…

I’m not going to lie…when I considered writing a blog, I was both really excited and slightly terrified. On one hand, I love writing and sharing my passion for water and other random adventures. On the other hand, I’m just not that badass. I certainly don’t measure up to so many of those inspiring women I know (or hear about) that are experts in just about everything. We as “Bendites” revere the idea of “fearless”. That’s not me!! I’m scared of big waves. I’m scared of double-black diamond runs, and I couldn’t pedal a highly technical mountain bike trail if my life depended on it. I’ve always considered myself “queen of being ok to moderately good at adrenaline sports”. And then I was talking to a friend who was shocked I’d ever take a paddleboard on rapids, and a thought occurred to me….how many people out there are just like me? I figure those badass experts can skip right over my blog. But if you’re interested in hearing about successes and challenges from a somewhat every-day woman who still likes to “get after it in her OWN way”, read on. I’m happy to share something you might find intriguing, or even noteworthy.  My name is Sue Fox and I am a manager at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe in Bend, Oregon. Additionally, I teach everything paddleboarding, lead various adventure and lifestyle retreats and provide personal fitness/wellness facilitation.  I like getting on the water on all sorts of crafts and whatever might fit the conditions (within my comfort level…see above!)

Prior to moving back to Bend, Oregon ten years ago, I lived for three years in Maui and before that Missoula, Montana for a decade. I’ve been an outdoor “enthusiast” for half my life now, but prior to that, really didn’t have the kind of upbringing that encouraged outdoor recreation. I certainly don’t take it for granted and see that my lifestyle is totally awesome and I’m forever grateful.

I had spent considerable time on the water, mostly rafting, in Oregon and Montana but it wasn’t until I lived in Hawaii that I fell in love with surfing…particularly paddle surfing. When I moved back to Bend I missed ocean surfing a ton and while flat water paddling is beautiful and good exercise, it didn’t give me the “kick” that I enjoy with surfing. Eventually I found my way to whitewater SUP, experiencing river surfing but preferring the action of down river whitewater.  It is my passion, and I try to do it every chance I get during each week.

So that’s me in a nutshell.  I spend a lot of my time on rivers therefore, many of my contributions will likely be about that, but I use the term “frisky ripples” these days to describe a variety of my chosen activities. MY approach to the approachable river, trail, run, and these days LIFE.