So this happened…

Well the timing isn’t perfect to begin this blog however it’s a part of adventure sports, even if done in moderation. Two days ago while on a section of the beautiful north Santiam river I had my first real knee injury. I’ll preface this by saying one, I wasn’t even on my board when it happened and two, I was having a great time before I hurt myself and paddling fairly well (for me on the friskies). I slipped on a rock while trying to pull my board out of the current and my knee buckled inward. I’m told by the initial PT exam that it’s a partial MCL and meniscus tear. This terrifies me because I’m just not all that good at “taking it easy”. In fact “relaxing” for me has always been something I more or less schedule in after a productive day of activity and working. You’ll never hear me use the term “chillaxing” or say “let’s go tubing”. Nothing wrong with that… just not my jam.

So I guess you could say that my big challenge, my class 5 rapid, my double black diamond ski run… if you will… is going to be the weeks to (hopefully not) months I’ll have to avoid my favorite activities. But in this time I hope to gain balance, perspective and patience because I know… oh boy do I know… I could have it a hell of a lot worse. I’m grateful for my blessed life, my health, my capabilities and the love and support from my family, friends and wonderful boyfriend. I will kick this “taking it easy’s” ass.

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