Back in the Paddle Again…


Sooo the day I’ve been waiting for came yesterday. Ok to be truthful the day I’m waiting for is actually the day when I can run the same section I was running when I tore my MCL to begin with. Or even better, some equivalent stretch on a gorgeous river I’ve never paddled.  But now I’m just sounding ungrateful. I’m entirely thankful to have been advised by Denny, my awesome PT, that I should get on a really stable board, on flatwater and give it a whirl. With the gracious help of one of our rental staff I was able to SUP about 8-10ish minutes on the Old Mill stretch. I never thought I’d find that so gratifying! Let’s face it… I’ve taught hundreds of people on that section of river and I’ll just say it’s lost its luster. Or so it had. Yesterday I was joyous….thrilled! I didn’t break any speed records or even paddle well but I was ecstatic. So much so that I went again today for about fifteen minutes.

There is nothing like water therapy. I’ll go again tomorrow and with any luck I’ll be able to take some “bigger” water soon (bigger than flat, ha!) In the meantime you’ll see me in the pool, on the flats and hobbling around the shop (but gaining speed!)

Thanks for listening and see ya on the Frisky Ripples!


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