My Continued Gratitude


I continue to improve from my MCL tear 6 weeks ago today.  Finally, I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and while I’m still on “injured reserve” for many of my fav activities I’ve also been able to do normal things like walk, paddle on flatwater and shop with this incredible human, Kelley Shanan, who I absolutely plan on teaching with as originally sceduled this next Thursday for our Yoga SUP Sundowner event at Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe.  I’ve had to give up a lot of my activities which is fine…really… this summer.  But I’m kind of stubborn about this.  First of all, it’s rare that Shanan’s schedule is open and since she made the commitment I’d be really bummed to miss the opportunity to co-present this fun night with her.  Second, it’s the best way I can think of to kick off the eclipse weekend (that’s eclipsing all other normal activity…haha…mmmm I’m just not that funny…sorry!).  Finally, I think this event will be awesome for those who attend.  It’s yoga SUP which is awesome, on the upper Deschutes on a summer evening.  However, I’ve also had two of my favorite brands step in and ask to be a part of the project by donating raffle prizes.  Product from lululemon and a pair of shoes from Astral.  If you’ve read my blog before you know I love Astral’s shoes AND their company’s values.

Recently, I’ve gotten better acquainted with our local lululemon and it’s new manager Emily Kyle.  She’s a sweetheart, and clearly knows her stuff which Shanan and I recognized on a recent shopping spree. Shanan and I went to the Old Mill location to try on some product recognizing we were both greatly in need of new stuff for this event.  I personally still wear exercise clothes circa 1999-early 2000’s to teach my classes.  I think 50 First Dates was the new release movie and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were the hot Hollywood couple last time I bought a pair of yoga pants. Probably time to upgrade? Ummmm yeah. Emily hooked us up with product that I’m confident saying will shock (in a positive way) all my regular students.  They might not recognize me.  These clothes are seriously way too cool for me even to wear.  I’ll do my best to do the brand justice.  Shanan, on the other hand, always looks adorable and rocks the lululemon.  You don’t believe me? Come check her out on Thursday night at the event.

Aside from Thursday, I look forward to getting back out to teach SUP and maybe into a yoga studio, in the next few weeks.  Things should get exponentially better from there.  Patience.  It’s been an interesting “ride”.

Thanks for listening and happy paddlin’….



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