Getting “Rad” with one of my Favorite People

This is Jaymo.

19466651_10155803065678912_6859261881407632337_oJaymo is one of my favorite people AND the first person I can recollect using the term “frisky ripples” with about 7 years ago.  I probably remember it, because he loved the phrase and raved about it in a wonderfully positive, “quintessential Jaymo” kind of way.  Just like how he uses the term “getting rad”.  Which I’m pretty sure can refer to anything from surfing a double-overhead wave to his youngest son sliding into home base (unnecessarily…but just because).

I met Jaymo about 7 years ago, walking the street in tiny Punta Mita Mexico where he was visiting a mutual friend…actually a friend of his, and a business connection of mine who was waylaid in Guadalajara. Because of the lag in schedules Jaymo, another friend and myself spent time paddle surfing, hanging out and laughing a ton. It began a great friendship and a unique C-change in my life (Jaymo is, in fact, the guy responsible for setting me up with Sam, my special squeeze).

The reality is Jaymo and I don’t spend a lot of time together.  He’s a loving husband and father of three awesome “kids” (one is almost graduated and damn near a legal adult). He’s beyond busy being that awesome family guy while also working a ton. So why do I write this post about him? Well Jaymo is, in fact…or at least in my opinion, based on observation and random rumors, a true “next level” athlete.  From biking to snowboarding to surfing, the guy really can crush it. His resume is long and impressive…personally and professionally.  His circle includes athletes and people from expert, to famous, to legendary status. But here’s the thing…Jaymo’s “getting rad” is very similiar to my “frisky ripples”.  He’s certainly comfortable in the “next level” arena.  But that doesn’t stop him from hanging out with me on waist-high waves. Or class II rapids. In fact, he thinks it’s awesome. He’s a super supportive guy that cares about people and helping them reach THEIR potential (whatever that looks like).

In Bend, and in the industry I work, there are a lot of amazing athletes doing a lot of amazing things.  We see it on social media and all the numerous film festivals and, for that matter, in person with our own eyes–on the trails, on the river and play park, etc. That is AWESOME! At times, however, I think us average athletes can lose perspective on why we engage in the activities we do…and that’s to have fun. (that’s why I do it anyway). Maybe to push or challenge ourselves.  Maybe to improve ourselves.  Or probably a combination of all of that.  My hope is that I never let the fear or feeling that I don’t add up get in the way of me trying something new.  I hope that’s the case with you people, in general.

As a side note, thankfully in Bend there are a lot of ways to find access to trying new outdoor stuff. Certainly there are more options out there, but for biking, you might check out Pine Mountain Sports for their “Dirt Divas” (for you ladies) and bike clinics.  A couple of my best buds swear by them!  We have some great classes/programs at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe locally…and I’d be remiss not to mention the awesome programs west of the Cascades for paddling..kayak or SUP…with eNRG Kayaking.  And for more variety, Outside IN, a local retail shop in Bend that also offers fabulous events/workshops and clinics in a really accessible manner. I should mention I’m getting no credit for the shout outs here….the entities don’t even know what I’m writing.

Once again…happy paddlin’ and thanks for listening!!  See ya out there on the frisky ripples!!





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