Life in a Time of True Challenge

When this Coronavirus Pandemic really started it’s slow but imminent path toward Oregon and the US, I was writing about the challenges of aging and realizing one’s mortality.  Now, on a personal and global level we’re confronted with some very scary but genuine hardships.  I’m not talking about the hardship of social distancing (although I will).  We’ve all talked about “flattening the curve” which is, broken down to it’s basics a question of math.  Exponential numbers.  The numbers are hard to wrap our head around because it starts so ridiculously small… and we’re all somewhat sick of talking about it (if you’re paying attention at all).  What I find fascinating is some people’s disregard of this situation as if it’s not their problem… maybe because they’re young, or don’t have (as far as they know) underlying risk factors, or perhaps just of the mindset that this is all hyped.  For whatever the reason, as a nation, we delight in watching the countless Hollywood movies about something coming to destroy the earth…man against the asteroid that’s going to wipe us out, or man vs the natural disaster, or man vs the aliens or man against…oh wait…a disease that can’t be contained and it’s deadly.  Well, that disease is here folks.  Let’s be clear…the world will survive as will many of us.  But it’s going to be different and it’s going to be hard and what I find interesting is the thought that somehow our lives of ease and plentiful resources is somehow untouchable.  Not too long ago…in many of our parents’ lives, they lived through the great depression and WWII.  Life CAN be hard guys.  It can be “other” than traveling the world, adventuring, socializing for funzies.  Indulgence.  And y’know what?  That’s okay.  I think in many ways that’s actually GOOD.  I live in the Bend (or you might even say the Pacific Northwest) bubble.  We’re a town of athletic, “pretty”, fairly well-off (to VERY well-off)…might I say spoiled, community.  Am I on my soapbox?  Yep.  It’s my blog so I get to be.  PEOPLE!  Get over yourself, is what I want to say. 

The premise of this blog is making the most of your life by doing what makes you feel content, and a pace that feels good to you.  Acknowledging those people that might not be elite athletes but are still getting after in on their…dare I say NOT full carbon bikes without full suspension. In some ways I’m calling myself out.  This blog is trite when you’re looking at the many, many people fighting for their life right now.  For real.  And it WILL hit home.  All of us will know someone who is permanently affected by COVID-19.  The numbers don’t lie.  If you think you’re “immune” (metaphorically) to it touching your life, well take a moment to reflect.  On grandma, mom, or your 42-year old friend battling cancer because that’s prevalent these days too.

Again calling myself out…I struggled REALLY hard the first week of social distancing.  For the most part, because I believe in it, I isolated myself.  No social outings.  No carpooled trips to the bike trails.  Not even work. I live alone (besides my two spoiled Maui cat rescues). Now, I’ve found a slower pace, and an opportunity for personal growth.  Am I the sage offering my superior wisdom, bestowing on you my jewels of advice?  Fuck no.  I’m still stumbling my way through this with the rest of you, but I’ve come to the conclusion that our petty “wa wa’s–I can’t hang with my homies for a few weeks” is pure and utter bullshit.  This is the real deal folks.  Just get over yourself.  Engage in a movie marathon.  Read a damn book.  It’s all going to be okay if we can just stop worrying so much about how life is when we feel good and don’t have to be inconvenienced.

These are my thoughts today, and it comes and goes in waves…I don’t expect the emotional rollercoaster to stop any time soon.  My apologies to those offended.  I honestly don’t mean to judge or condemn.  I simply ask everyone to reflect on themselves, their actions and the bigger picture.  Can we somehow contribute to the improvement of the situation, or, if nothing else don’t harm it?

Be well, be HAPPY (I woke today, genuinely happy and excited for the day…for reals).  We can do this.  Together.  Thanks for listening.  See you out there on the frisky ripples–just please respectfully stay 6 feet from me.

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