I’m Spoiled. And I Have Great Pants.

Shelter in has been somewhat challenging… but I’m not under any false pretense that my experience has been nearly the hardship or emotionally troublesome as for many people. I cannot imagine the difference in my life right now, if I lived in a city where I was surrounded by cement.  However, I don’t.  Instead, I live in basically two places…both of which afford me a somewhat idyllic existence.  Especially now.

I’ve paddled my board on my favorite stretch of whitewater the last two days because I’m lucky enough to have private access to the river… put in and take out.  Yep.  Spoiled.

Typically when writing this blog, I am not trying to sell anything nor go heavy on product reviews but I have to here.  Because, as someone who wears wetsuits and neoprene A LOT I’ve got to give a shout out to what will undeniably be a game changer for me moving forward.  I might have previously mentioned the non-neoprene 1 mm Carve-brand pants and jacket I’ve recently begun using. I could not be more impressed with this set up. Here’s what’s great about them.  Number one–comfort.  Not only does it not get the yucky neoprene smell on your skin, but this material is literally “soft”.  It feels good.  Not “oh this neoprene gear fits right etc” but it genuinely feels nice.  When I wear my neoprene’s, even if I don’t get water on me, my swimsuit is dripping wet from sweat…ugggh. And I’m not even a “sweater” in the scheme of things.  This material doesn’t have the oppressive qualities that a wetsuit has.  Also…and very importantly, it works!  For the splash that got on me, it repelled the water easily.  I didn’t feel the cold.  Admittedly, I didn’t swim.  Let’s be clear, this is not a replacement for a wetsuit.  This is a replacement for my 1mm neoprene pants/jackets that I’ve been wearing for four years, in the warmer weather.  It allows me to paddle more athletically and with less constraint.  The comfort of this material prompts me to also suggest using it for  more than whitewater.  If you enjoy paddling shoulder seasons on flatwater…say early morning or cooler days…this could be your answer.  For paddleboarding OR kayaing.

Where do you purchase these?  It’s Carve brand and we carry Carve at Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe (where I work). I am wearing the jacket in picture below…cool graphic on pants too. Hit me up with questions…

Thanks for listening, and see ya out there on the Frisky Ripples!

Sue Pacuare

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