Who Moved My Cheese…

Does anyone remember this popular business/personal development book that became a big deal for a brief time in, Mmmmmmm, maybe the 90’s? I found it solid information, yet pretty obvious. Life is full of ebbs & flows, detours and “up-ends” that unexpectedly change our course. It’s how we deal with those changes that makes the difference. I’d always found myself pretty flexible and resilient to these events in the past, but maybe with age and/or a “complex” schedule, the flexibility has waned. That’s something I’m actively looking at improving again. In fact, shaking things up in general seems to be catching my attention.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Don’t know the exact date but I sat on my SUP board facing the west Maui mountains. I’d just had a fun surf session and the weather was between 84-86 degrees, beautiful! And I was bored. Not bored with that session, rather bored (or unchallenged) by the daily routine that had become very predictable. It was in that moment that I decided to move off island. Three months later that feat was accomplished leaving a cushy job and lifestyle, with two rescue cats and a “chaperone” who I paid to fly with one while I held the other, on the plane. (Not an easy logistic to figure out with the airlines and their extensive rules flying with cats). I loved my time on Maui but never regretted the move away.

This is how I’ve been feeling now. I have a great life– I do so many fun things and I love my job. I could, theoretically do this forever. I’ve begun exploring new hobbies… or long abandoned ones which I enjoyed but chose other activities with my limited time. I don’t think taking up guitar again, or diving into ceramics is the full answer though. Fun? Yes. And I’ll do these hobbies and many more. I think there’s more–I’m seeking the kind of change that comes with a little bit of discomfort. A little fear. Maybe a whole lot of work. Maybe not “instead of” but “in addition to” kind of change? I want to pursue something that feeds my soul and makes a difference. It doesn’t have to destroy my current lifestyle…maybe augment what I’m currently into.

This post is a call out. I don’t have the answers. I’m looking for ideas. So, if you have any thoughts, give me a shout. In the meantime, I AM paddling as much as I can and had a fabulous time on the McKenzie this last week. See you out there on the frisky ripples…

3 thoughts on “Who Moved My Cheese…

  1. The “next step” can be created by you and your wonderful zest for life and courage for change – or you can allow the Universe to put it in your path. I have had both ways that “the cheese has moved” and lots of learning, fun, frustration, challenge and growth either way.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts!! I know I’ll eventually find a direction
      from a culmination of thoughts. I’ve found in the past if you ask for ideas, and set the intention for change, it will unfold in exciting ways. That’s all I’m doing here…putting it out into the universe 🙂


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