A Shameless Work Post

I’ve been transitioning my life…where I live and how I work. Many of my friends have been asking me what I’m doing. Let’s get that answered, as best I know, right here and now. Essentially I’m getting creative, and am in the process of curating a lifestyle that fits me! I’m somewhat quirky and I’ve been in a long distance relationship for 6+ years with someone who has a “dynamic” lifestyle.

Rural living is amazing but sometimes I miss the energy of the city. The city drives me nuts quickly–with too many people, too much traffic and a lack of trails to jump on within minutes (Bend has spoiled me). So why not have both?! Well there are a few reasons why a person can’t if they don’t push the norm, and one is money–a job. Especially for someone who doesn’t have a “regular” job and works remotely. I love my work with Tumalo, but expanding my horizons has been on my mind.

For literally decades, I’ve considered a career doing something I call “Fitness Facilitation”. But what the hell is that? When I first begin answering that question people immediately leap to “personal trainer”. That is not what I do. I like to think of “fitness facilitation” as a personal trainer meets life coach… and that person is one of your best buddies. I do the work with my client. I do what I can to make the session fun. Most notably, every client I’ve had over the past decade has become a friend. Or in some cases, was a friend first. All of my “people” have different needs, therefore diet may or may not be focused on. Support for non-exercise related goals may or may not be a part of the relationship. It’s all very customized. Also, none of this takes place in a gym. We utilize the great outdoors or the comfort of the client’s home. This is more organic, and saves time if the client never has to leave his/her home. By the way, I continue to instruct SUP…it’s 35 degrees outside here in OC. I’ll save that info for another day!

I am splitting time between Bend and Oregon City. This makes things a little “nuanced” but Zoom and careful scheduling allows me flexibility. I’ll say this…it’s worth it to me. I’m having a blast and can’t imagine going back to the old status quo.

If you think you could benefit from fitness facilitation, or know someone who could, give me a holler. Thanks for listening, and either way, maybe I’ll see you out there on the frisky ripples!

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