Tumalo Creek Visits Trail Tales

When Jaymo and I came up with the idea for Trail Tales, I always had one of the guests in mind…one that also showcased Tumalo Creek and the community efforts our crew makes on a continual basis.  It’s a mindset that comes from the top down.  Geoff Frank, a lifelong paddler himself–originally from Portland– is a great example of a guy who loved paddling and partying through his youth and somehow took that passion and created a lifestyle business from it.  Here’s the secret though…and I think I can say this with love and respect for the guy since I’ve worked for him for almost 8 years…. he went from being an immature fun-hog and has become a highly respected, successful force and leader of all things paddling in central Oregon.  The best part is he’s maintained his desire to simply get people on the water and support community while respecting the river, the environment AND directing a year-round dedicated team of 7, growing to over 50…perhaps over 60… in the summer.  “He all grown up”!!

Front side of TCKC

Jeff Michael, who joined our team last season as rental manager (not an easy lift), is a longtime central Oregonian who has guided the local riverways for decades.  He’s smart, he’s a hard worker and he’s a funny dude.  Jeff Michael has stories.  He knows just about everybody in town. He’s got staying power and is worth listening to.

This April 9th, if you’re in the Bend area, I invite you to come out and talk with Geoff, Jeff and I about all things paddling.  We’ll probably also discuss tourists, “locals” (whatever that means), whitewater park–even traffic frustrations.  However the conversation goes  it’s bound to be a good time.  Please join us at the Deschutes Brewery Pub, upstairs in the tasting room.  We start around 7pm.  Hope to see you there!!

Thanks for listening…


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