What’s Your Stoke this June?

Admittedly, it’s been a roller coaster year.  There have been some incredible “ups”.  In fact, I’ve all but abandoned this blog for months and months– fall and winter running around the globe to Europe, South America and even the briefest of visits to Africa.  But with all wonderful, there are the life challenges too.  Professional struggles, health, family, personal.  We all have these hardships and some of us…many of us…have all of the above.  My point? Well, mostly excusing why I don’t write much these days.

Right now, one of the activities I look forward to most during this busiest time of my professional year, is riding with my “dude” friends in the early morning.  We have our routine and we don’t even have to discuss details.  One of us says “Ride?” before leaving work, and we just know the drill.  Simple, uncomplicated.  No drama.  Except for a chain jamming.  Back brakes not working.  The dazzling sun, blinding me since it gets light so early this time of year.

From time to time a girlfriend will join me on a ride.  A fun experience too–more social, more of an “event” I guess.  Awesome in it’s own way and I’m happy for the female company which I don’t get much of these days as my girlfriends start families or I drop off the radar with my odd schedule that leaves me super busy or out of town.

One of the questions I struggle with regarding these posts is why I write to begin with?  Who reads them?  Does it help anyone? (which was my original point…to encourage the average, probably female, human to try new activities without feeling self-conscious.  Perhaps to give some tips to aid that mission.  The blog has evolved, but at the beginning of this summer season when there are so many things to do, let me share some of my ideas to get you out of the house….some resources to support these endeavors:

Pine Mountain Sports:  Longtime local Bend bike shop.  They are not only super friendly, but super knowledgeable about everything bikes.  The gear, the trails and the instruction if that feels better (I know I could use some clinics…especially on bike maintenance which I’m grossly under-educated about):  Pine Mountain Sports

Tumalo Creek (central Oregon): Longtime local paddle shop. And I’ve worked there for years.  We do everything paddling.  Retail, classes, rentals and tours.  Want to try the frisky ripples? I’ll help you: Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe

eNRG Kayaking:  Santiam River (whitewater) or Oregon City/Portland area (Willamette Falls and both flatwater and whitewater). There’s no better paddle instruction center than eNRG. I consider the Santiam river my backyard (because it is LITERALLY my backyard 3 days a week). So many choices. So accessible.  eNRG Kayaking

Wild & Scenic Film Festival: June 15, Oregon City (brought to you by eNRG).  If you want to get excited about outdoor adventures with an eye toward stewardship, these films will inspire.  After the films, there’s the chance to do a full moon paddle up to the historic Willamette Falls. You think it’s too far to travel from Bend?  It’s not. I do it about every 2-3 weeks.  Wild & Scenic Film Festival Oregon City

“Field Trip” to the gorge:  An easy over-nighter trip to the gorge can make you feel like you’ve gone on vacation yet so accessible!  We had the opportunity to paddle the Klickitat, hike around and stay at the now open Bingen School Inn.  This converted-school-to-hotel offers everything from hostel bunking to boutique “cabins” which surround a small spa…massage anyone?  Worth the visit.  Sorry you missed the grand opening.  It was rad. Bingen Inn in Bingen Washington

Sekse’ Fit:  Now open since April-ish, Sekse attracted all the best dance/fitness instructors to this little studio in the Box Factory.  Every class I’ve been to has been exceptional. PS, if you want to get your “sexy” on (or in my case, an extremely dorky version of aerobics instructor trying to be a pole dancer) this studio is a must.  Coolest chicks in Bend teach here.  Seriously.  They’re also the nicest and welcoming.  Sekse’

Okay, so that’s the list for now.  Give some of these places a try.  Maybe not your bag.  Definitely mine.

Thanks for listening…



2 thoughts on “What’s Your Stoke this June?

  1. You do inspire. Don’t ever stop girl.
    Old Deb biked New York City “Five Boro Bike Tour” this May. With Jeff, and son Josh plus 6 other friends from around our little Lake called Willowdale.
    9 people ages from 25-70!!!
    Not sure I’ll do such a big group again,
    Logistics were a bitch!! However even after the worst weather so far for the tour – rain, coupled with cold bursts of wind and 32,000 other bikers 🚴‍♀️
    We managed the whole tour to the finished tune of 50 miles!!
    Off my bucket list for sure after finding out that out of 15 years for the tour it has rained for 12 of them. Ours being the coldest and most relentless all day rain!
    Am I back in great shape?? Hell no. Can’t tell you how we made it!! Maybe it was pure adrenaline !! Jeff fell twice but came out with bruised ego more than anything. First fall was while he was getting back on the bike and ended up on his back in the street. Second fall, amazingly after almost hitting my back tire dropped his bike and continue to run down the street staying on his feet ?!!
    The bridges were the most challenging for sure. But being soaked to the skin for 90% of the tour seem to affect me more then the ride it self . It’s not a race. thankfully 😅 but we managed to take about 4.5 hours to do it with stops.
    Two weeks previous to the tour we travel back to Maui and did some much needed maintenance and repairs to the condo . I was thrilled to connect again with Maui and discover how much I missed it . That was totally unexpected .
    Still grappling though keeping condo in the family because of how much work and time it still requires from me .
    Then two weeks ago today I traveled to Florida to attend a wedding and then visit my aging sister and her family.
    Without a doubt the biggest challenge in our lives are those with family. I always find myself taking deeper breaths and reminding myself that family is our greatest learning tools… these past six years I have really been schooled in honoring myself while learning to find my compassionate for others as well as for myself. Life is surely a balancing act.
    Understanding that I control only myself and have zero control of others was huge. I always thought if I lived a good life and lead by example others would follow. You can never control others.
    I was really surprised to understand our minds are NOT necessarily OUR friends ..
    Never understood that meditating helps control the monkey mind. Get a grip!! Has taken on new meaning for me.
    Even my mind does not control me.
    Being awakened is beginning each day forward with letting go of past hurts while I move forward to my best day today.
    The trick is to do that standing in the mist of other peoples issues and life challenges… being connected yet separate, I find is one of the hardest lessons to learn to negotiate with myself..
    SUE you are a force of nature!! We both need to keep on INSPIRING and teaching each other, there is still so much more to learn..Keep making Deb smile.


    1. Who should be writing this blog?! You have certainly seen your share of challenges Deb. I’m impressed by your eternal will to live… and when I say “live” I mean in the truest sense. I’m grateful to the ends of the earth for your love and support. Those years together in Maui are so precious to me! Wish you could visit 😊🙏 Way to bike it out. I’ve found that my most valuable meditation happens on a river or trail. Love you friend…


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